Tips & Tricks to Help You Win At Parenting
1st May 2018 | Posted by ABC Design

Tips & Tricks to Help You Win At Parenting

We understand that juggling two kids can be tricky. Particularly if they are both young. Therefore whether you are expecting your second child or they have already well and truly arrived, we have some helpful tips and tricks to help you win at parenting.

Finding ways to simultaneously manage both children

When you have two children there will certainly be times when they both need your attention at once. Ultimately during these times your attention will have to go to the child whose needs are the greatest at that time. However, in other occasions by finding ingenious ways to involve both children in activities will help a lot.

If you have an older child and a newborn, one way to do this would be to turn jobs like fetching nappies into a game. Applying a variety of different stickers to your stack of nappies will keep your little helper engaged as well as help you focus on the baby. It also allows your toddler to feel included and helpful.

Twin Prams are another great way to keep two children safe and under control at the same time. Twin prams are good because a lot of them are variable. You have the flexibility on which way the children face, whether that is outward, facing you or even facing each other. Plus it means that you can manage both children solo rather than having to have two prams if you’re co-parenting.

Keeping their attention is priceless

Keeping children entertained is hard enough at times, to really get ahead of the curve it is crucial to have plans or resources in place to help you achieve this goal. Creating little kits which you can bring out for different occasions will help. A clever solution to a long car journey is to create a car entertainment pack from a hanging shoe rack, which instead of holding shoes is a great pocket for individual toys and activities. By tying it to the back of the passengers chair it is also easy to reach.

Bathing two children at the same time can be hard enough without them squabbling over toys and whose invading whose space. A laundry basket is a great technique for containing your youngest when sharing the bath, as the sides can act like support as well as stop their toys from floating away from them. Keeping both kids entertained and happy.

Make learning fun

Like anything in life if it’s enjoyable we are more likely to do it, and this is especially the case for kids. Making something fun can make all the difference. Now when we refer to learning we don’t necessarily always mean things like maths and english, but also learning why we do the things we do, such as brushing our teeth. By making things things fun and interesting kids are more likely to listen to the story behind them. Below are some fun ways to get your kids engaged:

  • If you have little boys, use a ping pong ball in the toilet bowl to teach them how to aim right.
  • Use fun toothpaste dispenser and their favourite kids song to make cleaning your teeth fun and teach them the duration for brushing their teeth.
  • Cut their stickers in half and place them inside their shoes, to teach them how to recognise which shoe goes on which foot.
  • Teach your kids maths with plastic cups and a tennis ball. Subtraction bowling is fun and educational.
  • Use food to display the solar system. This is a tasty and visual way to explain how things work.

Remember be as creativity as you can, there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to fun hacks to help you manage multiple children. We hope these tips and tricks both help and inspire you. 

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